Ed's Amazing Homepage

Hello and thank you for dropping in. By now you've probably realized that you've typed in the wrong URL making this an opportune time to navigate to the URL that you intended. OK so by now I should be talking to all those who aren't here by accident. Welcome to a little slice of a digital Washingtonville, New York. For that small percentage of people that haven't heard of our bustling suburban megalopolis; (All three square miles of it) you may now consider yourself in the know. Heck, you can even use it as a conversation starter. ex. "So have you ever been to Washingtonville?" you can then proceed to list what you've learned about our town through my site and astound the poor listener. For those of you that have heard of our town I certainly hope it's because you know about the Brotherhood Winery; the oldest working winery in America (which recently burnt down). It's the only thing that puts us on the map. Much of the work on this page is a product of the students at my High School in Washingtonville. Well that's about all I can say about this town other than there's a Burger King and a Dunkin Donuts. Also for the people who like challenges, I placed a secret link on this page to take you deeper into my world. Good luck finding it (it's not too hard to).

Big Fisherman