Hello and Welcome to My Guestbook

Janine Ting - 01/22/00 18:35:05
My Email:tingja@emmanuel.edu
Favorite Actor: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Favorite Book: Carriers
Favorite Movie: Scream
Your Idol: no one
Comments: Hey ... I went to high School with Ed... I'm in a couple of the pictures he has up. Usually at one of the dances or better yet on tour. :-)
Brianne - 11/28/99 22:10:05
My Email:Laceygrl97@aol.com
Comments:hey cuz! Wow i didn't think u could be this weird!!!! hehe Kristen sent me the address so I figured I would check it out :)
Kristen - 11/28/99 22:06:21
My Email:planetjanet@aol.com
Favorite Actor: Jack Nicholson
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Your Idol: my friend Petey
Comments:And to think Brianne said you were the normal one of the family... sheesh!
Carly - 07/26/99 19:40:58
Favorite Actor: Seth Green
Favorite Book: a streetcar named desire
Favorite Movie: Austin Powers
Comments:I went to Ray's page and found a secret, but couldn't get in! help!!!!! I wanna see the pictures too!
- 05/22/99 15:15:28
My Email:snowballfromhell@yahoo.com
Favorite Actor: Joseph Fiennes
Favorite Book: That was then, This is Now
Favorite Movie: Pecker
Your Idol: Ed Palange
Comments: how do I find the second page of it?
Matt Nadolny - 05/05/99 14:11:52
Favorite Actor: Al Pacino
Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men
Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Comments: Hello Ed. Its Matt. Bye
Mark Trapp - 04/20/99 01:07:42
My Email:gregchant@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor: Bob, Defender of the Universe
Favorite Book: The Return of the King
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Your Idol: Me, Myself and I
Comments:Cool page but I must be very dumb because I cant find your "secret link". I wanna see our pictures for Science Olympiad!
Al J. Berardi - 02/06/99 17:48:33
My Email:aberardi@frontier.net
Favorite Actor: Norman Smiley
Favorite Book: George Carlin's 7 bad words for television
Favorite Movie: The Highlander
Your Idol: The Ed
James Rogulski - 02/03/99 15:43:34
Favorite Actor: Ron Jeremy
Favorite Book: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Your Idol: You, of course
Comments:Slate, you bastard. I can't wait to see you again punk.
DILEO - 02/03/99 02:17:30
My Email:chrisdileo@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor: Ed Palange
Favorite Book: Ed's autobiography
Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
Your Idol: Ed Palange
Comments:Amazing, ED--Really.
Laura - 01/01/99 04:29:24
My Email:snowball63@yahoo.com
Favorite Actor: Ethan Hawke
Favorite Book: A night without armor
Favorite Movie: Lion King
Your Idol: Calsita Flockhart
Comments:Ed, I love your web site, it is so kewl. you have to help me make one.
kara - 12/18/98 00:35:43
Favorite Actor: Michael Douglas
Favorite Book: apt pupil
Favorite Movie: TITANIC-just kidding
Your Idol: MYSELF
Comments: Ed i love you!!! Your home page is awesome it's better than George's! I can't wait until I have one. Playground???????
baby - 10/31/98 21:04:20
My Email:baby1084@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor: shirley temple
Favorite Book: i'm illiterate
Favorite Movie: i don't have a tv
Your Idol: a big golden cow
Comments:hey, nice page. washingtonville isn't that bad. pine bush is worse. hell this whole area sucks. but who cares? bye
Sexy Chic - 10/23/98 20:42:42
My Email:troap@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford or George Clooney
Favorite Book: Wizard's First Rule
Favorite Movie: Armageddon, Romeo + Juliet
Your Idol: Claire Danes, Candy Druffer
Comments:I hope we have fun tonight and if we don't- that's why there are back seats. Tee hee.
Al J. Berardi - 10/17/98 19:52:01
My Email:aberardi@frontier.net
Favorite Actor: Val Kilmer (the hair)
Favorite Book: What's a book?
Favorite Movie: Ed's version of Mac Beth
Your Idol: THE ED
Comments:ED,its THE AL here, just checking up on your site. where am i? you need a pic of me with my blond hair and my blue polyester shirt. where are the wcw game pics? where is the female nakie time pix ? you need THE AL SOPH PAGE by ED.
Matt - 08/26/98 01:14:34
My Email:thelorax@mailexcite.com
Favorite Actor: all the hot chicks
Favorite Book: The Hobbit
Favorite Movie: Something About Mary
Comments:Ed it's awesome
Courtney L. - 08/07/98 16:18:14
Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise
Favorite Book: Our Town by Thornton Wilder
Favorite Movie: Top Gun (without a doubt!!)
Your Idol: Rocky Marciano
Comments:Ed, haven't talked to you in years, but the page looks good. Robin hooked me up with address. Well, wanted to say "hi" and comment. And I did. Good Luck this year, although you do not need it at all!!!!! I'll be talkin to ya, you can count on it! -Courtney
Chris 'Big Sexy' Greene - 06/13/98 23:43:06
My Email:pakkapett@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor: Tim Robbins
Favorite Book: WorldWar: In the Balance
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Your Idol: Billy Idol (got him locked up in my basement)
Comments:Your page was full of wacky kookiness and such. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Thank you, and enjoy.
Alex Berardi - 05/23/98 17:44:44
My Email:aberardi@frontiernet.net
Favorite Actor: Godzilla
Favorite Book: The Dead Sea Scrolls in orignal Hebrew
Favorite Movie: Austin Powers
Your Idol: Val Kilmer's hair
Comments:I trust you will keep this program updated for the next several years, because I intend to set new records in the pole vault including winning the State Championship by my junior year. In the meantime, please put more pictures in your track site of Peter and myself, after all, we went 1 and 2 in the section 9 meet.
Meat - 05/20/98 23:40:39
Favorite Actor: Toss Up B/W Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford & Jerry Seinfeld
Favorite Book: Sphere
Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
Your Idol: Street Toughs
Comments:Hey Meat! Your page kicks a**!!! I know you know who this is, but oh well. Wrestling sucks,(sorry,it does) but at least you don't like the Mets too. You are cool beans.
Ray Begin - 05/20/98 02:42:43
Favorite Actor: Mel Brooks
Favoite Book: I died
Favorite Movie: First Knight
Your Idol: Ed
Comments:this site was enhanced by tenfold because i was here. Thank you.
- 05/19/98 20:26:55
Comments:It's nice to see Rob is still with us, we wouldn't know it from going to school
rob coursen - 05/19/98 18:26:33
My Email:chuckpenn@yahoo.com
Favorite Actor: John Travolta
Favorite Book: Abel and Kane
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Your Idol: Dannny Zuccho
Comments:Ed cool page...nice to see Topps whine like a lil' bitch. I do have to agree with him a little though you left out Topps but somehow Matt Stuart is there... I'm starting work on my own site. Piazza's story was good. Cute picture of Carly... yeah i found your secret room.
Roe - 05/17/98 01:41:19
My Email:dospasos@frontiernet.net
Favorite Actor: Marlon Brando (he was so sexy)
Favorite Book: Out of Our Past
Your Idol: Carl Degler
Comments:Yes, if Carl Degler was still alive, I would definitly marry him because he wrote that wonderful 550 page book that drained our summer.
Kevin Stewart - 05/16/98 13:29:23
My Email:stew1@hotmail.com
Your Idol: Me
Comments:Ed, great page. Topps siad it all. Anyway gotta go. Cya L8er.
Topps - 05/15/98 02:54:39
Comments: I want to say I am sorry to anyone I might have offended by my last comments. The only person I wanted to get a message from the comment was Ed. Shawn and Anthony are NOT slow they both do an event that I could not do as well as they do(hurdles), so to them I am sorry, but not to Ed, who deserves to be yelled at. Not that I am mad at him or nothing. I just saying he should include all people on the team, not just me, everyone. thanks
Kevin Topps - 05/14/98 21:31:41
My Email:topperj@warwick.net
Your Idol: Ed Palange
Ed you left the best hand off man on the team out, ME. But, you did remember Shawn possible the slowest person on the team, if not behind Anthony, BUT HE'S THERE TOO. (YES I KNOW THIS MEANS I AM YELLING AND I AM HAPPY I AM). I don't know if you (being ed will see this) I have no idea how this crazy guestbook works, the whole concept is loony, I have to go watch Simpsons Bye
The Doctor - 04/11/98 20:25:33
My Email:mmlove@erols.com
Favorite Actor: Nicolas Cage
Favorite Book: _The Satanic Verses_ by Salman Rushdie
Favorite Movie: "The Godfather"
Your Idol: Trent Reznor
Comments:Okay, Ed, you've got to know who this is. Don't let me down. Greetings to all you Washingtonvile kids I've never met -- visit my page and sign my guestbook. Thanks!
Kyser Soze - 02/08/98 04:04:00
Favorite Actor: Kevin Spacey
Favorite Book: Sphere
Favorite Movie: 12 Monkeys + Brazil
Your Idol: Terry Gilliam
Comments:Verbal: He says he'd rather see his family dead than live one more day after that. He lets the last Hungarian go, and after his family is in the ground, he finds the Hungarians. He kills their wives, their kids, their parent's, their parentt's freinds, an on who owes him money; he burns down their houses, steals their property. And like that... He's gone. Dissapears, goes underground, no one ever hears from him again. He becomes a myth, a spook story mobster's tell their kids: "Rat on your pops, and Kyser Soze will get you." Coulan: Do you believe in Kyser Soze, Verbal? Verbal: Keaton always said that he didn't believe in God, but he was afraid of him. Well, I do believe in God, and the only thing that scares me... is Kyser Soze. If you know who this is, E-Mail me. -Kyser Soze
Wolf - 10/30/97 04:08:01
My Email:wolfsorrow@geocities.com
Favorite Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
Favorite Book: Dunno
Favorite Movie: In the Name of the Father
Your Idol: Buddha
Comments:I love your page! You've got some great stuff up here. And some cool links!
Happy Harry and the Fun Time All Star Band - 07/28/97 20:23:44 GMT
My Email:happyharry@harry.edu
Favorite Actor: Mario van Peebles
Favorite Book: Debbie Does Dallas the picture book
Favorite Movie: Revenge of the Carebears
Your Idol: Lionel (the guy who made the trains
Comments:Fluffy tigers stroke me endlessly while II lick the tootsie pop to its core. The free birds die in the midst of the toxic fumes that envelope our fragile earth. I read endless letters voicing the peoples complaints for natural grain granola bars but the iron in them revives my eternal soul; you see? My struggle for survival in this world has seen things that have never been seen before. My eyes are weary to the sight of blood and gore, but still I go to the movies. My mother still pampers me when I be home stricken with some new form of a disease. Please help my struggle and don't eat mini-marshmallows for they cloud my judgement and hurt the fish. My friend "ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF MOTHER EARTH; HEED HER CRY FOR HELP AND END YOUR LIFE ND THOSE AROUND YOU FOR AS YOU LIVE HER BURDEN STILL REMAINS" As you read this I am dying, relieving my soul mother and guardian from this heavy burden. I am bleeding at the wrists and am not able to type very well. Farewell and spread this message to all you know and see, carry it in your picket and preach it in he streets for if more people don't die needlessly the Earth will forever be a place of ruin and dispair. SAVE YOU HOME AND YOUR FAMILY KILL KILL KILL KILL
Katie Hughes(I was bored and I wrote under her name. She wasn't really here.) - 06/28/97 01:07:40 GMT
My Email:thughes@frontiercomm.net
Favorite Actor: Brandon Lee
Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Movie: The Crow
Your Idol: Aung San Suu Kyi
Comments:One day short people will take over the world and gas peddles in the cars will be closer to the seats and ladders will be made taller and instead petities there will be clothes for tall people and petite will be normal people and anyone over 5'4 will be shrunk down to 5'3 and waterfountains will only be 2' tall and the counters in Spear's will be 3'' tall and there will be a law that can be no cabinets over 4' tall thats all.