Gothman: The Man,The Myth,The Legend

This page is dedicated to inform the general public about my neighbor Gothman. Like most people Gothman was not born a goth; He acquired this lifestyle later in life. Stay with me as I document this tale of spiraling decay from the beginning.


Take a look at the picture above. This documents Gothman during his normal years. While he was never actually normal (It has been speculated that he was an adopted Crack Baby), it is in no way evident that he would turn to the dark side of the force.

Pole Vaulting

In this picture we highlight the height of his normality. Gothman is a Division 1 athlete in the Pole Vault. As you can see him, he is vaulting for Georgia Tech. Note the athletic ability as this was the apex of his life which will come crashing down in the following slides.

It Starts

While away at Georgia Tech. things began to change for Al. Some dark force that resided within him was awakened and as you can see above para-normal behavior began to exhibit itself. Note the unusual facial hair pattern.

We Have No Clue

One day we signed on AIM and saw this as Al's buddy icon. Note the striking resemblance to Al. That's because this is Al's mental picture of himself in some sort of post Purple Rain watching induced haze. This mental perception of himself as a different being continued and developed into the creation of the entity now known as Gothman.


Above is the symbol that Gothman developed for himself which he had tattooed to his arm.

The Next Step

This slide is of note due to the shirt Gothman is wearing. Note that he personally attached metal straps and such to it to Goth it out. His favorite store soon became Hot Topic and it is was not unusual to see him with black nail polish. A second tattoo was also added, it was SPQR in a decaying font to symbolize that like the Roman Empire all good things must end. Also in this time period Gothman dropped out of Georgia Tech and joined the filth at SUNY Orange. He became a class senator and fought for the safety of the students. He also worked at Price Chopper, began wearing more and more makeup (which he applied in the Price Chopper bathrooms), and met a retarded midget. It was in this period that I would return home from college and just shake my head at how far he had fallen since last I saw him.

Behold Gothman

Here it is, the final transformation into Gothman. Note all the makeup, and the metal symbol drawn on his head. In this phase Al was all Gothed out with self made clothing (and velour), full eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish. He actually owned a cosmetics kit at this time. He also got into black metal and started his own band Enslaughterment. This is as fall as a human being could fall. He was at rock bottom having squandered everything he had, or had he?

The Lowest Point

Shaving this into his head was the low point. Yet even despite all the failure he rules all. He managed to get into Binghamton University, returned to Pole Vaulting, recorded a demo album, and attract the mad hoes. You may ask how and to answer that question I would have to say a combination of luck, skill, and using my material. So there it is a retrospective on Gothman. I hope that you all feel more informed now.

Gothman Originals

What He Stole From Me

Miscellaneous Pics of the Gothman

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