Reasons why Stevens was Awful

  1. Lack of Girls: My class was 80% male and it was not until my 4th year there that the school started to accept attractive females. All work and no play makes Ed something something.
  2. Awful Food: We were ranked 9th worst food in the nation and Aramark has its eye on being #1. Watch out Colorado School of Mines we're gunning for you.
  3. Extreme Course Load: Most people take 4 courses a semester at a normal college. We took 7 on average; bringing us to 22 credits/semester for an undergraduate degree.
  4. The Cops: Our campus employed far too many cops to police the 1000 students spread across a whopping 3 city blocks. Because they were all chronically out of shape these cops loved to drive around the campus walkways at 90 MPH to go 30 yards. They would drive anywhere no matter how short the distance. I once watched them drive from the gatehouse to Walker Gym (a whole 75 meters).
  5. Non Science/Engineering majors: Around my sophmore year the school decided that the whole engineering thing that we has built our name on was not cutting it anymore. So they decided to make new majors like Biz-Tech and Art. These majors were mainly developed so that we could recruit athletes as they involve little to no science or math. Needless to say our soccer and lacrosse teams got better, even though our average entrance scores dropped. On the plus side it brings in more girls.
  6. This School Sucks your Will to Live: We were ranked 7th in most depressed students. After two years there we all became punch drunk as we were used to constantly being screwed by the administration and pummeled by work.
* Rankings taken from the Princeton Review