The Story of Minority Man

Minority Man

Born out of the the strife and hardship in our everyday lives and empowered by the cries of his people, Minority Man stands tall defending the area between Hoboken and Perth Amboy, NJ. He possesses the powers of speed, blunt rational thought, and ghetto ingenuity. He strives to defend the world from his sworn enemies Techbitch, Pedophile Man, and The Man. Some say his real identity is none other than mild mannered mathematician Ted Vallejos, yet others believe that he represents the spirits of the slaughtered Incas seeking their revenge. Perhaps both are true, besides no one can really tell under his flashy costume of red sweats, a track shirt, and ski mask. He also owns a multitude of bandannas so that he can blend in easier with the commonfolk. Note the pant leg up to show that he's always representing. Together with his partner Minority Boy and Christian "Latin Heat" Gonzalez he will rid the area of oppression.